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When ANGLR Labs approached me they had already been in the market with a web and mobile application. In addition to that, they had fishing accessories that integrated with the app for a better fishing experience. As the user base and platform grew, pain points within the experience began to emerge. While the app had powerful features, they were often difficult to find or complicated to use.


As a fisherman myself, I understand the vast landscape of what fishing consists of. There are several types of fishing (e.g. fly fishing, ice fishing, spinning, etc.) which can correlate with the location you are fishing, whether its a small pond or a great lake. This created an interesting problem because each type and style of fishing presents a different set of needs for the user.

Beyond the realm of the types of fishing an understanding of the user base was needed. The users could be bucketed into 3 types of fisherman: casual, avid and professional. As a user was more avid/professional their increase of fishing electronics also increased. This insight is helpful as some of their existing features borrowed some terminology and familiarity from fishing electronics (e.g. depth and fish finders).


To get a level set and understanding of the existing pain points we did an audit of the entire application, both web and mobile. The goal here was to:

1) Organize and restructure for more logical information architecture
2) Make a more cohesive and memorable experience across web and mobile

Once these pain points were established I created lo-fi wireframes. This allowed stake holders and developers to see how the architecture and navigation could potentially change and begin the work as hi-fi prototypes were being designed.


Once the IA was in place, the next step was to bring it to life. This was a very large project that has spanned over a year and continues to grow and scale. The core functionality of this app is FishMode. FishMode is where a user can explore their waters, mark waypoints (e.g. vegetation, structure, sightings, etc.) as well as record their fishing trip. If a user logs a catch during a trip, real time data is captured to help the fisherman understand the patterns of their target species. Data such as current temperatures, wind speed, water levels and temperature help anglers predict productive patterns so they can improve their next trip on the water.

My goal for this product design was to expose the rich features this app supported, as well as the ability to scale as new features were added. Clear and concise navigation as well as a clean and minimal interface allowed anglers to quickly navigate and get the data they wanted. Even though more advanced features and settings are in place for avid and professional anglers, using established and familiar patterns allowed them to dive deep into the nitty gritty details.


ANGLR Labs is continuing to grow and scale as well as their user base. The product redesign has been well received and are continuing to prove a valuable and memorable experience to their users. ANGLR is available to download in the App Store and Google Play.

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